Larcom Solutions Inc.
Your "on call" IT and Technology Department

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Larcom Solutions Inc. (LSI) offers a broad range of IT and Technology support services for small to medium sized organizations. We provide these services via several service channels:


·         Maintenance services that can be performed remotely.

·         “Help Desk” style support via telephone.

·         On-site support services.


We provide these services under 3 billing models,

·         Standard a la carte - “pay as you go”

·         Prepaid Block Time - preferred pricing with value added features

·         Project Based - services that involve extended time / travel with specific milestones


Scheduled Technology Assistance. LSI provides network and workstation technology consulting services. These services include, but are not limited to:


·         the installation, configuration and maintenance of servers and workstations

·         firewall configuration, remote office connectivity and VPN services

·         backup strategy and implementation for critical data

·         anti-virus, security

·         system research and consulting services

·         any additional computer and technology support needs as required


We work with each client individually to determine what services are needed and on what schedule.


Unscheduled Service Response Time Expectations. LSI accepts requests on a first-come, first-served basis. For network downtime issues, our response time aim is four (4) hours between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. For all other issues we will respond to your request within 48 hours. Any work LSI performs requiring a resource to be down or offline, can be performed either after business hours or on weekends at the clients request and will be subject to our After Hours Billing Factor.


Telephone and Email Questions. As a Value Added Service for Prepaid Block Time clients, LSI will provide telephone and email responses to questions or perform a quick review of document(s) at no additional charge. Should the issue be more involved and require additional time or resources, this will be discussed before proceeding further.


Confidentiality. LSI acknowledges that during its engagement as a consultant to the client, the client may disclose to LSI employees the confidential affairs and proprietary information of the organization as well as provide LSI with “administrative” or other passwords that have access to additional confidential information. LSI has confidentiality agreements with its employees and contractors that require them to keep secret all such confidential matters. This includes prohibition from accessing information that is not required by the tasks that the client has asked LSI to perform. In addition, LSI takes special care to safeguard all information about its clients from being disclosed to any third parties.


Wireless Networking Implementation. LSI often performs installation, configuration and troubleshooting of wireless networking infrastructure and devices. Wireless networking is based on radio technology that can be adversely affected by the physical environment and location of the devices themselves. LSI works with clients to create the best wireless environment we can, but we cannot change the absolute performance of wireless networks and/or devices. Accordingly, we cannot guarantee to make wireless devices work the way a customer “had hoped” they would work.